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8″ 8100 Series Ceiling Speaker for use with Backcan


The 8138 is an 8″ ceiling speaker designed for use with a pre-install inceiling backcan, resulting in high-fidelity performance at a costeffective price point. The 8138 is ideal for a wide variety of commercial sound applications from restaurant and retail to professional offices and reception areas.

Stylish, contemporary appearance enhances any decor.

Clear sound from an 8 inch dualcone full-range driver.

Very high sensitivity of 97 dB for maximum sound levels using minimum amplifier power.

6W transformer for use on 70V/100V distributed speaker lines

Installs to in-ceiling backboxes having 4 mounting points on an 11.25″ (286 mm) diameter mounting circle.

For use with MTC-81BB8 backcan and MTC-81TB8 tile bridge

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